The next Tallinn Handicraft Fair on Tallinn Song Festival Grounds will take place on April 15-17, 2022. The Tallinn Virtual Handicraft Fair takes place at www.tallinnakäsitöö and


Parking 2021

If present please follow directions from the parking instructor.

Free parking for visitors are on Pirita road.

Changes/restrictions marked on every picture.


Maximum capacity for the - Hilltop parking - area is 289 cars. In case there is a lack of space it is possible to park on the grass
















Mere alley parking This parking lot is an alley located between Mere värav and the main building.

 -parking prohibited - 


Main building parking. Entry thry Oru gates
Free parking 
for traders 


Oru gates parking. Entry thry Oru gates

Free parking for visitors.



Entrance to Tiigi parking Entry thry Oru gates

 - parking prohibited - 















The Sea-side parking area.













This parking lot is located in front of the Song Festival Grounds main building.